Benefits for Clients

Strong relationships lie at the heart of MCU’s interactions with its clients. MCU builds and maintains those relationships by being versatile when it comes to budgeting, scheduling, and planning, while being responsive and communicative throughout the life cycle of a project.

Versatility in Action

MCU is versatile. Be it versatility in budgeting, scheduling, or execution, MCU will tailor the intricate plans necessary to bring a project in on time and on budget.

MCU’s participation in the project begins immediately upon project award, and continues through the three phases of the project: preconstruction, construction, and the postconstruction and warranty period. Extensive preconstruction services include budgeting, preparing and maintaining a master schedule, evaluating trade contractors, and developing a project execution plan that will drive the onsite activities during construction phase.

Communication And Responsiveness

Communication is key on every project. During construction, MCU will do everything from controlling costs to executing an effective safety plan, and will provide timely and accurate project status reports. MCU’s responsibility for excellent client service continues through the postconstruction period. The project team will be the leaders on all postconstruction items, especially any warranty items. This approach ensures that clients always know who to go to for assistance with any issue.

What our Clients say ?