Benefits for Suppliers

A supplier is a key stakeholder on any construction project, and MCU values such relationships highly.

Procurement Strategy

MCU offers preconstruction services that include a well-developed procurement strategy to make processes for estimating, scheduling, and others as precise and complete as possible. This makes the supplier’s job easier, and helps to ensure that relations between contractor, subcontractor, client, and supplier are efficient and collaborative.


The procurement strategy makes materials acquisition a smooth process, and one that is not a source of concern to stakeholders, including suppliers. The strategy allows MCU to :

  • Review and advise on resources on a design-assist basis to enhance value engineering, constructability, and cost inputs.
  • Review and advise on alternate procurement models for certain scopes.
  • Provide a tendering and procurement schedule to support fast-track project delivery.
  • Explore early procurement of long-lead delivery items, ensuring that even specialty equipment is available as needed.
  • Ensure that the timing and packaging of tenders is fully coordinated with design development.
  • Jointly prepare with the consultants’ tender documents that are suited to the procurement models, timelines, and attendant risks.
  • Adjust the strategy, as needed, to changes in market conditions or project requirements.

With a presence that extends globally, MCU relies on and supports quality suppliers for all divisions and aspects of construction.

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