Corporate History

The Firm was incorporated in 1982 with the key persons of Late Shri Shiv Kumar Mittal (B.Arch., F.I.V.,M.I.E.), & Shri Rakesh Kumar Mittal (PG). Now the business is headed by Shri Rakesh Kumar Mittal, an experienced, well educated and the Senior Partner of the Firm.

He started MCU in 1982 under the supervision of founder Late Mr. Shiv Kumar Mittal as an Operations Head and after that diversified into making Strategic Management and currently he is the Managing director of Mittal Constructions Unit.

Mr. Mittal looks after the day to day operations of the group and has a keen interest in business strategy. His vision helped the group foray into the Construction Industry way back in 2000. He was instrumental in setting up MCU as a brand respectively. From a very humble beginning in 1982, we have steadily risen to our present position by sheer hard work, commitment to our work and delivery of value based service to our clients.

The company quickly expanded into residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional building projects and grew by leaps and bounds over the next few years. They attracted expert construction professionals with diverse backgrounds and formed a team, by including team members Mr. Rohit Mittal, Partner, Mr. Gaurav Mittal, Partner and Mr. Vishal Mittal, Executive Director.

Mr. Rohit Mittal, joined MCU in 1994 and played a key role in growing the MCU business in the Government Sector. He played an instrumental role in approaching and getting Clients from Oil & Gas Sector and FMCG Sector.

Mr. Gaurav Mittal, joined MCU in the year 2000 and took MCU in new directions of Growth. He played a crucial role in getting clients from Automobile, Power and Banking.

Mr. Vishal Mittal, who recently joined the organiztion is active in bringing construction management methodology & prima facia of modern technology and new market exploration @ MCU. Tapping growth opportunities in real estate, STP & other emerging verticals is his major interest.

MCU success over the past 30 years is due to its employees’ dedication to excellent work, customer service that exceeds expectations, and a safety program that has led to millions of zero-accident hours. Honesty and open communication have empowered MCU Construction’s workforce since day one, and it shows in our work.

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